The Wentz Family Session; Geneseo, IL // Quad Cities Family Photographer

“If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

-Christina Wentz, how their plans all changed and how amazing that change is!


Matt and I met back in 2007. I had moved back to Illinois after living in Florida for a few years and we were both going to Western. As soon as we started dating I had a feeling that this was not going to be just another guy that I would date for awhile and move on. Ten years later I know that feeling was definitely right on, he works so hard to support and take care of our family. When we got engaged in 2010 we both knew we wanted kids eventually, and that we were already 27 & 32 so we didn’t want to wait a long time to start a family, but we also kind of wanted to a little bit and settle into married life.


As they say, “if you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.” We were married in April 2011 and Rosella Joyce was born 9 months and 7 days later. Ryne Matthew joined us 22 months and our family couldn’t be more complete. They are the center of our universe. I know it’s what everyone says, but neither of us really ever understood how you can love someone with all of your being until these two came into the world.


Parenting ain’t no joke though. Rosella “Ella” is my super chatty, curious, independent, and artistic little girl. She will for real talk from the moment she wakes until she talks herself to sleep (and in her sleep), and always has a million questions.


Ryne on the other hand is my wild and crazy, moody, and curious little mamas boy.


Both are completely capable of testing our patience and melting our hearts in the same minute. It’s not always easy but it’s so always worth it to see these two little people grow into smart and kind human beings." - Christina and the story of her family


I enjoyed seeing this family again, Ryne is slowly warming up to me! I'm looking forward to watching this family grow through the years. Enjoy your slideshow and click HD to view it! -Trisha K.

Daxton's Digger Adventure; Geneseo, IL // Quad Cities Family Photographer

Daxton is Wild and Three!


Daxton is the answer to so many prayers. We did not know if we were having a boy or a girl so on 10/25 we found out…it’s a boy! And 100% boy he is. He loves to dig in the dirt, help dad mow (by mowing alongside him), dinosaurs, tractors, paw patrol and HORSES!


However he is very loving too. He is very charismatic and good to his little sister (although not good at sharing) and loves his daddy lots!


Enjoy your slideshow of a few of my favorites, it was so hard to choose, what a fun session this was! Please be sure to click HD and leave Dax a Happy Birthday wish!

Stevie, Mommy and Daddy//Quad Cities Family Photographer

"Stevie is going to bring so much joy to our family" -Paxton, age 11

As I ask my families to write their stories for me, again and again and again the story of loss and infertility is the norm. It breaks my heart, I cannot imagine that kind of devastation not just once but repeatedly. With great loss though, the joy a rainbow baby brings has got to bring in more gratefulness then have never having lost. Here is this families story, I pray others will find comfort and share their stories as well! (this family was the highest bidder on a donation I had made for a sweet momma and her precious baby girl, their boys were not able to join them on this one so they decided a mini with their princess was in order!)

TKP_1978 BW.jpg

Paxton (our middle son) has said a few times in the past couple weeks that Stevie is going to bring so much joy to our family. At 11 I don't think he has any idea how true that really is. After five years of trying; I got pregnant.

I found out pretty early on and we were all so excited. Then the day came that we went to the Dr. to find out how far along I was. The ultrasound showed that our baby had stopped growing at 5 weeks. It was devastating. 2 years ago we decided that conceiving ourselves was not going happen so Nate and I decided to see an infertility specialist. On our third try I was finally pregnant. We were so happy and so scared all at once. Then one week turned into weeks and months....our excitement grew. November last year Nate and I went to the Dr. to find out if we were doomed (just kidding!) to have a house full of boys or if a little princess was joining our family.


We called Paxton on our way home and told him the news. He was so happy! He even called Nana to tell her before we had a chance to! Nate was ecstatic that he was going to have a daddy's girl to raise. The day Stevie decided to make her appearance Nate had traveled out of town for work and couldn't make it to the hospital. Paxton was there though making sure I was okay and trying to patiently wait for his sister. She made her appearance in just 4 short hours. Paxton was in love.


Stevie is my rainbow baby that has made our family whole. Seeing all of the boys in my home be so protective of this beautiful baby melts my heart. I am making sure to enjoy everyday and every moment watching her grow. I go back and forth between wanting to keep her tiny forever and wanting to see her grow into a beautiful little girl. Being a mom to a girl for me isn't that different yet than a boy. I went just as crazy shopping for Pax; ask me again when dance class and school dances might be different then!