Retainer Fee for Photography - what is it and what does it cover?

Floating around the internet are comments and questions about this, and clients not entirely sure what the purpose is.

Sometimes also referred to as a “Deposit” or “Booking Fee”, the correct term is actually retainer fee, and it refers to an agreed sum of money paid to secure the services of a professional for an agreed upon time-frame.

The difference in these terms legally means that a retainer fee is non-refundable. Deposits or booking fees can be challenged as refundable although you would most likely be spending much more in court costs and lawyer fees to retrieve it. Don’t be that person.

In most instances of unforeseen circumstances retainer fees are refunded - or should be for the sake of humanity & kindness. So DO be that person who is kind and compassionate.

The retainer fee encompasses a few entities:

  • When a vendor books you for a date and time that means they cannot book another client for that date and time. If you cancel or no show we have lost business that could have been filled. No matter the amount I discovered early on that if someone pays a retainer fee they will hold their appointment.

  • The retainer fee is also paying for the time of your photographer. Regardless of if you pay for your session or images we have still come to our job and would like to be paid for that time.

I hope this helps explain it simply. If anyone has anything else to add leave a comment!

here’s a hilarious capture of a boy just being himself, wild & free and silly as can be

here’s a hilarious capture of a boy just being himself, wild & free and silly as can be

I-Phone & Android Tips for Taking Better Pictures

How to get clearer photos using your I-Phone
The biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to taking pics with their I-Phones is just a matter of sloppy handling. Are your pictures fuzzy? Foggy or Hazy? How do you fix that?

1. When shooting, hold your camera as still as you can. Especially when it’s a bit dark inside or outside. Your camera is designed to slow its shutter speed in low-light scenarios which means you gotta hold REALLY still to get a clean shot. So practice bracing your elbows to your sides while hold the camera up. Or, find a solid surface that works almost as good as a tripod. This will support the camera and hold it still much better.

2. Speaking of low light, the best way to get a clear shot is to light your subject properly. Place your subject closer to a window with them facing the window, or shoot outside in full shade. Just getting good light on the subject alone, will help the camera itself perform better.

3. It may seem silly, but WIPE YOUR LENS! LOL. I can't tell you the number of times I've offered to help someone get a family shot on some travel adventure, and I look at the back of their phone at the actual lens. It's filthy! A simple trick, but an effective one, and one we don't think about all the time- simply wiping off your lens will make your pics clearer. After all, we store that thing in our purses, and God knows what kid-size drama made it into my bag this week! ((eye roll))

Let me know if these tips have helped you! Give me a tag in your posts!

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daddy kissing his little boy, such a cute family picture mom will always remember