Wright Wedding Uptown Davenport at St. John's Methodist Church

When I first met Stephanie and Johnny it wasn't my typical consult. I think I spent two hours with them, like old friends. We were all in love; with each other! They crazy animal lovers (like myself) and getting to know their past and being a part of their future has been an honor and a delight.

Their entire day from start to end was elegant. From the church at St. John's Methodist to the tastefully decorated reception at the River Center, everything had a touch of WOW in it.

My favorite part of the ceremony was Johnny, as the first couple of groomsmen and bridesmaids made their way down the isle he was overcome with emotion and began to cry. It was beautiful, a moment I got to capture that Stephanie has not gotten to see yet.

Stephanie had nothing less then a stunning entrance in her mermaid gown, suited just for her. I believe everyone got goosebumps and Johnny's face lit up with pure joy.

The reception was full of your typical fun and laughter. For a moment it was filled with the presence of Johnny's father as they played songs in remembrance of him. You could feel him in the room and I couldn't keep it together myself as I watched this family rally together, as I watched Stephanie consul her new groom, you could see the love and support that has been there between them; the kind that will always strongly remain. At the end of all the events, Stephanie surprised Johnny with a song that truly spoke of their bond and story, more emotion swept the room.

The family was all so warm, I was truly touched by their love for one another and I am left with a special place in my heart for all of them.  I wish nothing but the absolute best for Mr. & Mrs. Wright.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life on this day.


Trisha Keel



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Participating Vendors and Venues

Church: St. John's Methodist Church

Reception: The River Center

Videographer: Rack Focused

Bridal and Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse