The Smith's Country Home Session // Alexis, IL // Quad Cities Family Photographer

"Love, respect and happiness are key to us"

-Casey Smith; what makes the Smith Family

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I particularly LOVE it when a family invites me out to there home. I get to be a part of their world, particular places are special and the unexpected is always beautiful. The Smith family is near and dear to my heart, they have their own little special place. Their story is moving, you would never know they were blended. Proof that family is something you build, and Tyler and Casey have built theirs strong.

" Love, respect and happiness are key to us. It has something I have always emphasized to Aaron and Alexia, and Tyler just enforces all of it when I am gone for work. We are a blended family. Tyler came into our lives in 2011 to add to our happiness. Aaron and Alexia started calling him Dad so long ago that I can’t even pinpoint when they started. He has just been Dad. Tyler is my best friend. I miss him (and the kids) desperately when I travel for work. We can work on projects together like we know what each other is thinking. He is the only person who just listens to everything I have to say and always supports me. I love him with everything I know.


Aaron loves his video games and to be as sarcastic as possible. He thinks he could live without ever leaving the house, but always has so much fun when he does leave home. I love his dedication to his family, yes, a 15-year-old cares more about us and respects us. Plus, he is always trying to make us laugh. It makes me smile that I may have played some part in him being lie this.

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Alexia is a crafty (makes everything) and witty girl. She loves to develop costumes and ideas from her notebook. Her animals are her life, she can’t wait until Dad says she can have a rabbit and a goat. I wish she would slow down on growing up. She is like my mini-me, except I don’t hoard craft items, lol. I love how she can see something out of nothing.

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We moved back to Illinois last year when I started my new job, we could live anywhere. We decided living where I grew up(Alexis) and all of my family live would be the best for Tyler and the kids. We knew we wanted to have chickens, we talked about having them for years, so moving here just gave us the ability to get them. We all love animals and they are a big part of our life." - The Story of the Smith Family

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