The Ruark's Country Home Sesssion//Quad Cities Family Photographer

"I got a message from this really cute man in uniform who little did I know would make my dreams come true! My night in shining armor"

-Nicole, how it all began


"Cory and I have been together for 7 years now. In 2010 I got a message from this really cute man in uniform who little did I know would make my dreams come true! My night in shining armor! He accepted my oldest daughter Jayla (who was 1 years old at the time) as if she was his own and people that don't know don't know any different.


We were inseparable from day 1 and ended up having the wedding of our dreams September 29th of 2012!

TKP_9809 copy.jpg

We were so excited to find out we were pregnant and had Miss Addalyn July 3rd 2013! We were looking for a house in the country by then so we could raise our babies in our forever home. I always wanted a big house on a hill and when Cory saw this one (after denying me since it was further out than he wanted) he knew right then by my face that it was sold without us even looking at it. so we moved in August of 2014 and also decided for me to be a stay at home mom. Times get tough here and there but that is definitely the best decision we have ever made! I get to be wherever Jayla and Addy need me! Coming from John Deere I missed a lot at the beginning, but I don't miss anything now and the girls get to be in sports because moms here to take them.


Jayla has been in swimming lessons, dance classes, gymnastics, and has played baseball the past 3 years! Jayla loves playing baseball and Addy can't wait till next year to also play. Jayla is our very sweet, affectionate, quiet, people pleaser baby girl, who wants to be a singer or vet when she grows up. Jayla loves animals, especially cats.


Addalyn is our miss sassy pants Addy is a loves to play in the dirt while wearing a dress type of girl. She is such a daddy's girl, loud, but at the same time loving, caring, and loves her snuggles. Addy wants to be a singer and worker she says when she gets older lol! Addy looks up to Jayla so much


I came from a big family of 5 kids and I wanted one of my own. So we had Wyatt August 1st of 2017 just when I thought my heart was full of love Wyatt came in and stole my heart too! Our 1st boy!!! I love this little man so much and the bond you create while breastfeeding! Jayla was so excited and Addy was in denial he was a boy for awhile but they are both very loving and helpful with their brother. Wyatt is almost 3 months and he looks just like his mama I swear he looks into your soul when you talk to him. Wyatt loves having conversations with anyone that'll talk to him. Whether it's us right in front of him or family talking to him over the phone or FaceTime.


I can't wait for our many more adventures in this crazy life! I could never thank God enough for the amount of blessings he has given me and my family!" - Nicole and all about her family

I had the absolute BEST time with the Ruark family, I really fell in love with them! Here's a little slideshow of one day in the many adventures your family will have together! (click HD please)

xoxo, Trisha K.