Jessi & Pearl Ann//Quad City Family Photography

"Pearl has forever changed my life." -Jessi

Most of would say that of course our children have changed our lives. Few of us are moved with the challenges that Jessi faces. As my heart was connected to her story before I met her I was moved even more to find out that she was a single mom; as I was a single mom for several years. I wanted to do something special for her and this sweet little baby. I left the farm this day forever touched by these two.

"Pearl has forever changed my life. She has taught me how to be strong and have faith even in the darkest of times. She has truly taught me how to love unconditionally and with my whole entire being. She is literally my heart and soul.

Pearl is so sweet and affectionate. She's always giving kisses and hugs; whether it's family, her therapist, Dr.'s, or people she's just met. She is obsessed with her dog Lola. Dog was her very first word. Pearl loves to dance and be silly.

Pearl LOVES hanging out with her Papa

She's the strongest, toughest child I have ever met. She has come so far in her short little life already, and moving foward I just want her to be healthy and happy. I hope she grows up and fulfills every dream and desire she has. I hope her heart is full and lives an amazing life." -Jessi


Pearl Ann was born on February 26, 2015 at 5 lbs. 15.9 oz. and 18 inches on the dot, plus a full head of hair. It was the best day of my life. She entered this world a beautiful little girl as perfect as could be. Little did we know the journey God had in store for her. 

When Pearl was born, the doctors saw she had some "bruising" on her head and face. At barely two weeks old, we were sent to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital where we learned that Pearl had hemangiomas and vascular anomalies on her head and face, as well as internally. She was immediately put on propranolol which she's been on continuously since.

Later on, we'd learn she has a very rare disease, called PHACE Syndrome. That means she has a few of the symptoms required to qualify: a large hemangioma on the face/neck and heart abnormalities

If you would like to donate to Pearl please visit her GoFundMe Page

It was an absolute pleasure to have met you and Pearl, Jessi. Sometimes you meet people who forever leave a mark on your life. You have in mine.


Trisha K.


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