The Sorensen's Lakehouse Adventure

"For our family to be able to have a place to escape and spend time together is one of the greatest blessings we could have. We stumbled upon this house and knew that God would provide for us, but to truly see Him fulfill a dream of ours is SO far beyond our expectations!"

When Chelsea initially messaged me and asked if I'd make a drive to their lake house I enthusiastically responded with a big, huge "YES"! With such a warm, loving family and beautiful scenery the photographer inside me was dreaming of all the lovely memories I was about to capture!

"We can't help but want to share what we have with the rest of our family. Especially to be able to offer a place of rest and relaxation."

"When it comes to B.J. our two kids have HUGE hearts for their daddy. He enables them to have opportunities most kids could only dream of! He encourages them to try new adventures, like on the water. Of course he is always willing to teach them."

What keeps this marriage strong and alive is the quality time we have together, whether it’s a nice night out for dinner, a weekend trip, or a few moments just to hang out... and as long as we have plenty of snacks.
— -B.J.

"We pray our kids, and other family, will be able to treasure these moments. I know they will appreciate these times to come, I want to capture them now."

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I am over the moon in love with your family, thanks for letting me capture these moments. -Trisha K.