Leighton 9 month lifestyle session//Quad Cities Family Photographer

"His smile lights up the room and brightens

everyone's day!"

Amber on what she loves most about Leighton
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Baby Leighton, how his smile absolutely lights up the whole room, his smile and laughter is contagious; as cliche as that sounds it's true. Walk into a room with him in it and everyone is filled with joy and laughter.

"I love watching him grow into a little person, his determination and all of his little quirks! His smile lights up the room and brightens everyone's day!  He has all of these adorable facial expressions and it just melts my heart seeing his little personality come through. " Amber tells me when I ask what are some of the things she loves most about him at this age.


"He loves getting into everything!"


"Being his mommy has changed my heart and I couldn't imagine loving him anymore than l do right now."

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Leighton absolutely fills my heart with so much happiness every time I get to see him, thanks for choosing me! I hope these photos will always help you to remember the little things he did at 9 months old. 

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