Jed + Jeremiah

In case you've ever wondered what two of the cutest toddler boys visiting your local coffee shop and having a cup of hot cocoa looks like, I'm here to tell you it's nothing short of adorable. One of my closest friends and I had this fantastic idea that our four-eyed, man-bun, hat wearing little cuties needed a fun session together.


Jed + Jeremiah immediately gravitated right towards the bakery display, choosing their yummy treats. Colors of choice for these two boys: Jed - pink, Jeremiah - purple. We love it!


They were a hoot to watch for sure. Jeremiah wasn't too fond of hot chocolate, instead he preferred his mom's strawberry frappe because why should you enjoy your own drink when you can have moms.


Jed enjoyed his hot cocoa...all over, everywhere


Being a boy mom is the best, messy, loud and farting. At the end of the day, no matter how big they grow, they still melt your heart with their "mommy I love you's". Enjoy watching this little slideshow from our boys adventure