I-Phone & Android Tips for Taking Better Pictures

How to get clearer photos using your I-Phone
The biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to taking pics with their I-Phones is just a matter of sloppy handling. Are your pictures fuzzy? Foggy or Hazy? How do you fix that?

1. When shooting, hold your camera as still as you can. Especially when it’s a bit dark inside or outside. Your camera is designed to slow its shutter speed in low-light scenarios which means you gotta hold REALLY still to get a clean shot. So practice bracing your elbows to your sides while hold the camera up. Or, find a solid surface that works almost as good as a tripod. This will support the camera and hold it still much better.

2. Speaking of low light, the best way to get a clear shot is to light your subject properly. Place your subject closer to a window with them facing the window, or shoot outside in full shade. Just getting good light on the subject alone, will help the camera itself perform better.

3. It may seem silly, but WIPE YOUR LENS! LOL. I can't tell you the number of times I've offered to help someone get a family shot on some travel adventure, and I look at the back of their phone at the actual lens. It's filthy! A simple trick, but an effective one, and one we don't think about all the time- simply wiping off your lens will make your pics clearer. After all, we store that thing in our purses, and God knows what kid-size drama made it into my bag this week! ((eye roll))

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daddy kissing his little boy, such a cute family picture mom will always remember

The Blair Family + Angela's Latch On Session // Quad Cities Family Photographer


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Motherhood is the most challenging & most rewarding calling. We are the heartbeat of our homes. Here's to us. May we raise our little people to be good people. May we honor and respect the men who have pledged their lives to us. And may we do this thing with all the grace, intentionallity, & patience we need.

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Nursing is one of the most beautiful and monumental things I have ever had the pleasure of doing. It absolutely sucks in the beginning. It does. It sucks. But then it shifts. Your nipples stop cracking. You quit "leaking" all the time. And all of a sudden it's this amazing gift. It's full of sacrifice and selflessness, yes. But it's also full of life and love and connection. I mean. if you stop and think about it, it's totally nuts. I grew this human and now I'm his literal lifeline. I'm so grateful for the time I had with my daughter and now this time with my son.


Esther is my energetic girl full of light + joy + purity. She could survive on blueberries & Minnie Mouse. Jonah is my laid back, happy-go-lucky, smiley, squishy kind of boy. Give him milk & snuggles and he's good to go. Both living, walking (well not yet), breathing pieces of my heart.


Then there's Thomas. My rock. The coffee-roastin' fearless leader of our tribe. An outside-the-box thinker. He can teach himself to do just about anything. He can fix (almost) everything. Esther has learned the phrase "daddy fix it" & uses it often... He loves our children and works wholeheartedly at everything he does.

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I have, and always will, enjoyed capturing special moments throughout your life's journey together. To watch love grow deeper and stronger, to see your children thrive in the Lord; may you be blessed by these memories and reflect on them often as the years go by.

(please click HD to enjoy your photos at their best...and if your pictures are really fuzzy, oops, you clicked HD too soon try again )