I want to tell a story. Your family’s story. When you’re sitting with one child in your lap, another snuggled around your arm and you’re holding an heirloom album can you see their smiles as they point and giggle at the moment we captured? Or you walk into the room and they’re propped up looking at their photos on the wall, remembering how much love and fun you all had together. Can you see it? I want to bring those moments to your family. I want you to look through your photos and always have the moments in time before you, the way their cheeks squished up again yours, the smooches, the way dad always catapults them into outer-space (or so it seems sometimes!) and remembering the way that you all love each other unique to YOUR family. I’m here to capture all that, and to leave you with your memories turned into art, turning your moments into quality, heirloom pieces.


General Information

Family Portrait Booking fee is $100 and is collected at the time you reserve your session. Booking fee includes:

  • A pre-session consultation where I will get to know about your family, what you’re looking for most out of your session and how to prepare you for our time together

  • A guide for outfitting your family so your images go from “you all look nice” to feeling that emotion that occurs in the image above. It causes you to want that for yourself. I’m here for that.

  • A 45-60 minute session

  • The fun part: the reveal and ordering! This is where you get to view your session and order the pieces of art that fit your home perfectly. I can’t wait!

Extended Family

Extended Family Sessions

 Please message me for extended family session rates.