The Trisha K. Client Experience

dad playing with son photography Scott County Park

There is beauty in the chaos

I have 4 kids, so there isn’t anything I haven’t experienced. I want you to relax and let your kids be themselves. You don’t need to stress about how your child is acting in the moment. In fact, that’s a part of motherhood I want to capture. Because sometimes boo-boos and melt downs happen and that’s ok. Trust me, I get it. But dear mamma, when you snuggle your little when they’re upset, those are the authentic moments that create really precious photos. It’s a photo that causes you to remember that moment in time when you were the one person they wanted for comfort.

Kids want to feel important, so I embrace them and let them know I see them and they matter.

My main objective is to bring out the unique personality and interaction to your family. We have fun in our session, the kids really enjoy taking pictures with me. I’ll never forget a little girl I had last fall running through the field, arms up in the air screaming “I can’t believe we’re taking photos!"

Let’s talk about dads right? A couple quick testimonies from dads are “that wasn't so bad” - I mean, I’ll take it! One dad in particular told his wife they would never be going to another photographer again. This means mom is happy and relaxed. I know how stressful family photos can be and I have invested a lot into learning how to have a successful session so you leave feeling like you just had a fun family outing - not a stressful posed session that ends in tears and frustration.

I have a questionnaire to get to know the most about your family and kiddos as much as possible. The more I know the better I can gain your children’s trust. And they think it’s pretty neat that I know about what they love.

Wardrobe is by far the most difficult part of the planning process and I am here for that too. No doubt you will be styled head to toe so your photos go from “they look nice” to an image that makes you feel something deep. Because there is an emotion that is created when your outfits are intentionally collaborated to create art. Be yourself, but also coordinate properly. I’ll make it easy for you.

stylish family

My communication with you is giving you the kind of communication I have experienced - or lack thereof.

Have they seen my message? When will they get back to me? Where are we meeting? When can I expect sneak peeks - what are my rights to images? When will my photos be available?

I respond to messages Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. within 24 hours. I determine the location after your questionnaire so I can determine what will suit your family best. My favorite places to shoot are your favorite places to be or private properties, some people have amazing locations in their backyard so please mention that!

Sneak peeks are posted within 48 hours. If we shoot on a Friday they will be posted Monday morning.

Galleries are delivered in 2 weeks. If we shoot on a Friday It will be the Monday following 14 days.

If you have any questions at any time please message me and I respond as quickly as possible.

Obviously I love photos, and my pictures matter so much to me. Out of that I give to you what I would expect to be given.

I can’t wait to capture the story you want to have told in your photos.

-Trisha Keel